How It Works for Consulting Providers

Can I Be a Consultant On WonderMD

The following criterias must be met:

  1. You are a licensed  and insured pediatrician, or pediatric specialist currently practicing in in Ontario
  2. You are  licensed and insured allied health professional currently practicing in Ontario
  3. Must a member of your governing college and in good standing
  4. Must have malpractice insurance and have a practicing office in Ontario

How Do I Register

Select “Sign up” at the top right hand corner of your browser or app and select “Provider”. Then, complete the required registration information and select “submit”. Once your account information has been verified, you will receive a notification alerting you 

that your account has been approved and you may start referring patients online!

Why Do I Need To Register?

Collecting private health information online is strictly regulated in Ontario and requires a safe and secure environment. All access to the system must be carefully controlled and therefore all users must register before gaining access.

How Do I Get Referrals

The families must choose you to make a referral. In order for you to have visibility to families and increase your referral base –please consider the following:

  1. Update your profile with all the services you are qualified, insured and licensed to provide
  2. Ensure you have schedule availability
  3. Complete your personal description in your profile

Is It Safe?

Our platform incorporates multiple layers of security features that meet all regulatory and licensing requirements. In addition, we perform regular external audits and security tests several times a year to check for any vulnerabilities and ensure we have the most secure platform possible.

How Much Does It Cost

The platform is free for consulting providers to join and to market their own services, and no contractual obligations. 

Charges occur when a referral is accepted and completed. However, the fee charges may vary based on a variety of circumstances including if a provider will opt in or opt out of using the virtual care feature to complete visits. 

For more information please contact us at

Why Do You Need My Bank Information

Allied health professionals receive the added benefit of direct deposit to their bank accounts once client credit cards are successfully charged. The 10% fee to WonderMD is deducted before this amount is deposited to your account. The service is secure and meets all the industry required Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). WonderMD uses third party vendor STRIPE Payment to facilitate these transactions and meet these requirements. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

How Do I Build My Own Brand

To generate more user interest and referrals, we recommend and support consulting providers develop their expert profile and personal branding. This can be done through a variety of social media channels and WonderMD is happy to guide and assist you through this endeavour.

How Do I Set My Schedule

Consulting providers who opt in to all services may add/ edit their schedule directly through the WonderMD platform, under “Availability”.

How Do I Connect With My Patients

When a referral is scheduled and confirmed, just log into the WonderMD platform at the time of the appointment and join the call.

How Do I Send Letters And Requisitions

Following the appointment you are given the option to upload PDF’s to the referring provider and also to the families. This can include referring letters and requisitions. Letters and requisitions uploaded to the system cannot be altered in any form after they are received.

How Do I Bill And Get Paid?

For Insured services: WonderMD does not act as a billing agent. Billing of these services are the responsibility of the consulting provider

For non insured services: WonderMD does not act as a billing agent. Billing of these services are the responsibility of the consulting provider to the family directly. 

Can I Use WonderMD As My Emr?

WonderMD operates as a hybrid telehealth platform. The platform facilitates the searching, finding, connecting, scheduling and communication of families and their children with child health care providers. Storage of private health information is limited to what is necessary to complete these functions. Document retention requirements and access to stored laboratory results or investigations are the sole responsibility of the health care provider and the referring provider. Please see our terms of service and privacy notice for more information.

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