Learn On How To Register?

How You Register

Registration is simple using the web app or you can download the mobile app.

Why Do I Need To Register?

Collecting private health information online is strictly regulated in Ontario and requires a safe and secure environment. All access to the system must be carefully controlled and therefore all users must register before gaining access.

Is There A Screening Process?

We recommend discussing all referrals with your referring provider. All advice given within the system is provided by the consulting provider you choose and who has accepted your referral.

Is This Virtual Care?

WonderMD offers a hybrid care model. Hybrid care refers to the ability of a consulting provider to choose to see their patient either in person or online.  The decision to be seen in person or virtually will be determined by the consulting provider based on the needs of the patient. 

Is It Safe?

Our platform incorporates multiple layers of security features that meet all regulatory and licensing requirements. In addition, we perform external audits and security tests several times a year to check for any vulnerabilities.

How To Make A Referral

A referral may be initiated by either the family or referring provider. For more information we advise that you speak with your referring provider

How To Choose A Provider

All providers on WonderMD are highly qualified and experts in the field they provide advice in. They are all licensed, insured and practicing clinicians working in Ontario. We recommend you choose the best available provider based on your circumstances. These may be different for everyone and may include location, description, specialty, years of service, ratings or other.

How To Connect With Your Provider

Once you have made a referral and chosen a provider, that provider has to approve your referral request. If the request is approved than you may schedule an appointment based on their availability. At the time of the scheduled appointment, you may connect with them virtually through the WonderMD platform.

Can I Rate My Experience

We recommend you rate all of your visits on the WonderMD app.

How To Follow Up

Following the visit, you should follow the instructions of the provider and these may include: 

An additional followup visit, requisition that you may download or other recommendations that they may have made.  You may access all of these followup items on your WonderMD dashboard.

How Much Does It Cost

OHIP covered services are paid by the Government of Ontario and there is no extra charge for the families. 

For non insured services provided by Allied Health professionals there is a fee cost. The visiting rates are set by the providers and Province. We suggest that you check with your health insurance provider prior to initiating a referral to check if these services are covered under your plan

Where Can I Find Wondermd?

Versions compatible with our app are:

  1. On MacOS 12 : Safari 15, Chrome 97 
  2. On Windows: Edge 95, Chrome 95

We do not support older versions, and do not support mobile browser interface or other browsers such as Opera, Firefox and Explorer. 

To use the platform on your phone, please download the app from the Apple app store and Google Play store.

Why Do You Need My Credit Card

Credit card information is necessary to guarantee the appointment. 

All services covered under OHIP are free to the user, however non insured services are billed directly to the credit card and missed or late canceled appointments are also charged to the credit card (as per CPSO guidelines). 

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