In today’s digital world, online services are on the rise. The same applies to the healthcare industry as well. The rapid growth in e-health services is increasing exponentially every year. In fact, according to several reports, it is estimated that by 2023, almost 75% of healthcare services will be provided digitally rather than in-person. WonderMD is a family focused pediatric telehealth that provides easy online access to families and doctors across Ontario.

The family doctor everytime serves as the primary care physician for families in Ontario. They remain your point of contact and your gatekeeper into the healthcare system. Families should always contact and speak with your primary health care provider first. In some cases, it may be necessary to finding a pediatrician or other child healthcare specialist. There are multiple barriers however that prevent you from finding and connecting with the correct pediatric health care provider.

WonderMD creates an easy access for families and family doctors to find and connect with a pediatric specialist. Pediatric care at the click of a button. Here at WonderMD, we are pleased to help. So relax as you enjoy access to the best healthcare providers. Our certified and skilled pediatricians are available for hassle-free telemedicine support.

When your child is ill, you put them first and you want what’s best for them. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find a good doctor. It’s time consuming and frustrating. WonderMD is a way to solve that problem. You can use WonderMD to connect with a range of pediatricians and child specialists. Then, schedule your own appointment and use the app to conduct the consultation online.

In Ontario, the process of connecting with a specialist requires a referral from some physician, midwife or nurse practitioner. This is a requirement that is not unique to pediatrics but is true for all specialists in Ontario. WonderMD however makes this process quick and easy for a family and family doctor to connect to a pediatric health care provider. The process can be started by either the family or family doctor. It requires either the family or family doctor to Sign up. They can then request a referral and create the referral in WonderMD. This automatically sends an invitation to the other party to join WonderMD and agree to the process, allowing the family to choose and book an appointment in WonderMD immediately. The entire process is in your hands.

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  • Warm, caring and informative support
  • Accessibility and prompt follow-ups
  • Secure digital platform
  • Access to a list of qualified healthcare providers

WonderMD boasts of family focus care and pediatric telemedicine. Children will receive the best treatment thanks to WonderMD, the virtual pediatrician app. WonderMD makes it easier for families to find and select the best online pediatricians for their children. You can quickly, easily, and securely connect with the appropriate provider using the WonderMD platform. WonderMD strives to improve everyone’s quality of life in the world.

You can get the virtual pediatrician WonderMD app on the latest desktop browsers for MacOS 12. You can also download and use WonderMD Ltd from Apple App Store and Google Play Store on your mobile device.

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